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Made For You

Jane Israel is line of clothes reflects inner power, confidence, and expresses your boldness. Because you deserve to be recognized. This line was made for those that wear many hats and want to go from day to night seamlessly. Be confident. Be bold. Be you.

Fashion At Your Fingers

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About Jane

I've always loved dressing up. Even as a child, I remember certain outfits or items that made me feel absolutely smashing! Like the little clogs I had when I was four that were made of red perforated leather and decorated with pink leather flowers. Or the purple velveteen Wrangler shorts I had when I was 11. I wore them with a light pink summer sweater with cap sleeves and Kork-Ease platform sandals.When I became a lawyer, I still wanted to dress up. I wanted to look strong, authoritative, and of course perfectly chic. But when I searched for my perfect clothes, I was surprised by how difficult they were to find. Instead what I found were outfits made out of low-quality fabric in boring and unflattering styles. In short, clothes that were cheap and unattractive.

This was especially disappointing because it seemed more important than ever that I have that confident feeling that comes when you KNOW you look sharp. That feeling that makes you stand a little taller and hold your head a little higher. It seemed positively unfair, almost as if the world did not value the contribution I could make in my profession and therefore did not care enough to allow me to dress for it.On my very first day of college, the Dean of Students encouraged the incoming class to be bold. With this in mind I started Jane Israel, a line of clothes that reflects your inner power and confidence and expresses your boldness. Because you deserve to be recognized.