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1. Women do NOT Lack Sufficient Ambition, and 2....(find out below)

Hey there ladies

So this past week I read this article in Harvard Business Review entitled “4 Traits that Keep Women from the C-Suite,” or “Reflections on Why More Women Don’t Get to the C-Suite,” or something to that effect. Don’t bother looking for it, HBR has already taken it down after receiving “strong feedback.”

I don’t remember all of it, but the first “trait” was that apparently women lack sufficient ambition. Whaaaaa?!? And trust me it only got better from there.

Ok girls, I know I don’t have to tell you how ludicrously stupid that is. But the fact that the editors of HBR thought that somehow this article had sufficient merit to publish in the first place is incomprehensible and super depressing.

On the upside, the reaction from women was swift and left no question as to the real reasons why women are not promoted. This has me encouraged. Yes it’s an ongoing battle. But at least we know we’re all fighting it together.

And if you’re wondering, this week’s title was my comment on the HBR article: “1. Women do NOT lack sufficient ambition, and 2. Fuck you."