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Can you hear me?

Hey there ladies!
I’m finding that managing my team 100% remotely is a challenge. I mean, I have people on my team who are in different locations from me, but they are normally in an office somewhere. And of course everyone works from home occasionally. Now that it’s the apocalypse though, everyone’s working from home. For the foreseeable future.

So how do I deal with this? Honestly it’s not easy. But I think the main thing that helps to make it work a little more smoothly is to communicate. A lot. Yes I’m having my regular one-on-one calls with each of my staff. But in addition I make more of an effort to provide clear direction, and to let them know they can always contact me with questions or any issues that come up.

But what about you? Are you doing anything in particular to make remote management more effective? Let me know!

PS, I’ll be talking about this more live on Facebook on Tuesday at 7:30am Pacific/10:30am Eastern. Hope to see you there!

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