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Do you need to have matching shoes and bags? They don’t need to match exactly, but…

Matching bag and shoes

I have to confess, I really like it when my bag, belt, and shoes match. Some people may think it’s old fashioned, but I just feel like it adds a little extra polish to my ensemble when they go together. It shows that I gave it some thought, and in that way that I care about and respect myself.

So for example, if I’m wearing black leather heels, I’m always carrying a black leather purse. Queen Letizia of Spain does the same in this picture, where her belt and shoes are the same color of leather. (The A-line dress is super cute too! 😊)

 Matching bag and belt matching accessories

One thing I do try to be consistent with especially is the type of leather that the accessories are made of. For example, if I’m wearing patent leather shoes then I’m most likely carrying a patent leather bag with it. Notice in this picture, Queen Letizia’s belt, shoes, and bag are all patent leather and the same color.

 matching bag and shoes and belt

Now that’s not to say your accessories always need to match exactly, but I do like it when they coordinate. In this picture of Kate Middleton, her shoes and bag are different colors but they both pick up a color that is in her dress.

 coordinating bag and shoes

One last thing: don’t overcomplicate this. The most important thing is to feel good about how you look. Because when you feel good, you look good!


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