Essential Work Inspo for the Busiest Time of Year!

Hello my lovelies!

As things start getting busier for this Fall and Winter, I’ve decided to share some inspirational and motivational material for you to advance your career! I believe in how strong the female spirit is when it comes to getting things done in style and grace. That’s what Jane Israel stands for!


From Intern To NYSE Head: Stacey Cunningham’s Barrier-Breaking Rise To The Top Of Wall Street

When news broke that Stacey Cunningham had been named President of the New York Exchange, it was hard to find a headline that didn’t make mention of her gender. Cunningham’s rise to the top of one of Wall Street’s most high-profile, male-dominated arenas shattered a 226-year-old ceiling, but the depth of coverage around her history-making appointment caught the industry veteran off guard. “I knew that the fact that I was a woman taking this job would be part of the story. I didn’t realize how much of a story it was going to be,” recalled Cunningham.

When Women Are Called ‘Aggressive’ At Work


6 traits make women irreplaceable in tomorrow’s work world, says ex-Wall Street titan Sallie Krawcheck