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Four Things to do on Video Calls to Make Yourself Happy. Pandemic Practices - Self-care Edition

Hello lovelies,


I love wearing perfume. It lifts my spirits and makes me feel like smiling. But since I’ve been working from home and all my meetings are on video, no one knows I’m wearing it except me. Nevertheless, I keep wearing it because it makes me happy.


It got me wondering, what are women doing on video calls that’s mainly for their own enjoyment? I asked a group of friends and here are the top four answers:


  1. Perfume: Not surprisingly, many women are wearing perfume while working from home. And why not? It’s the perfect thing to make you feel goodabout yourself.


  1. Matching or Fancy Undies: When people say ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts,’ were they talking about matching undies? Who cares! Nice underwear makes me feel put togethereven if I’m wearing yoga pants on the outside.


  1. Special Lipstick: I am fierce and my lipstick shows it! A bold lip is the ultimate confidence-booster.


  1. Manicure: I love getting a manicure but I’m not so good at doing it myself. If you can do your nails though, this is another nice thing that can make you feel good about yourself that people may or may not see (although I have heard of women making gestures on screen just to show off their nails, which I completely understand and respect!)


Why is all of this important? Because these things make you feel good about YOU. And that confidence ALWAYS shows through the camera.



PS, If you’re looking for more ideas on what to wear for video calls, check out our FREE GUIDE.