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How to Look Professional When You Don't Want to Wear Pants. The secret to the perfect 'Zoom Suit' is here.

Hello lovelies,


Here’s the problem: you need to look civilized for work but you don’t want to put on a full suitwhile working from home. But you also don’t want to end up like the guy who stood up during a Zoom meeting when he was only wearing undies. And somehow jeans or khaki pants don’t seem to work either.


I recently saw one very clever woman’s idea for how to solve this sartorial conundrum. Enter the Matching Blazer and Leggings.


Matching the color of the leggings to the blazer gives the illusion of wearing a suit to anyone who might see her pants if she were reaching for a file or needed to stand up. But the leggings still feel easy and comfortable when you’re at home. Perfect solution!


PS, Need more inspiration for what to wear for video calls? Grab our FREE GUIDE.