Spring Cleaning Inspiration!

I confess, I love cleaning and organizing. My husband teases me that I buy boxes to put inside other boxes. I love that feeling of getting rid of all the clutter. And then looking into the room I've just gone through and breathing in the energy. I am the anti-hoarder. I could out-Kondo Marie Kondo. I'm a whore for cleaning products. My kids know that when I say I'm going to clean and organize their rooms that's code for "throw stuff out." With this in mind I encourage you to welcome Spring Cleaning, which is fast approaching. So put on some yellow rubber gloves and get your clean on with some fun articles focusing on organizing everything in your life and making more room for Jane Israel in your closet. Because after all that hard work you deserve it!



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1 comment

  • Stan

    Thanks! I like those closet ideas. I wish I had a closet that big.

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