What’s wrong with Business Casual? Nothing!

Hello, my lovelies!


If you look around you are likely to find numerous articles criticizing the concept of Business Casual. And it’s true, sometimes people seem to veer off the path of “Business” and end up in just “Casual.” Or boring and matronly. Or just sloppy. (I’m looking at you untucked shirts.)


Done correctly, Business Casual can still establish your authority and command respect.


Just a few things to keep in mind:


  • Keep it neat! There are lots of options. Pants, sweaters, a blouse. But if you show up to work in clothes that are wrinkled or that don’t fit well you instantly undermine your credibility.


  • Wear quality shoes. Flats or heels, it doesn’t really matter. But what does matter is that your shoes are high quality and well maintained.


  • Thoughtful Accessories. Because a little jewelry is a nice accent and always puts a spring in my step!


And for those days when Business Casual just won’t do (court, important meeting), a well-fitting suit or dress is ALWAYS sure to impress!



Me in a favorite simple white blouse and wool skirt. Because business casual doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.

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