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What to Wear to Zoom Court? Three Perfect Ideas for Your Courtroom Style!

Did you read about the judge in Florida who bemoaned the way lawyers were appearing on Zoom? He thought it was getting a little too lax, including one attorney who appeared to still be in bed! 

I think I first read about this judge in the ABA Magazine but I know the story’s been making the rounds. (The best is the New York Times version, When Court Moves Online, Do Dress Codes Still Matter?) And you know if one judge mentioned it, a lot of others are thinking about it.

So, to make sure you don’t get judge-shamed, I pulled together some easy ideas:

Wear Some Statement Jewelry. Melissa Murray, law professor at NYU, looks polished and commanding in a blazer and chunky blue necklace. This is the kind of look that persuades before you even present your argument.


Wear a Blouse with Some Interest at the Neck. On a video call people can only see you from the waist up, sometimes even less than that, so you want to maximize the impact you have with that small square footage. A blouse with a bow is both refined and professional.

Jessica Chastain in Miss Sloane (2016)


Wear a Tunic. The thing I like about a tunic for business is that you don’t need to wear a blouse or blazer with it. It’s professional in just one piece. And you can wear it with jeans if you want (just don’t stand up)!

I hope these ideas help to keep your courtroom look on point!

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