Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses

Hey there ladies,

Work has been super busy and I’ve been having a lot of calls and emails with my boss. Even more than usual. And it got me thinking, I’m glad that my boss and I have a really good working relationship because if we didn’t, working from home would have the potential to be unbelievably miserable.

I’ve had crappy bosses in the past. At my first law firm job, the main partner I worked with was notoriously difficult and often openly insulting. He had no problem screaming at associates and telling us our work was shit. Fun times!

As I’ve grown in my career though my confidence in my work has also grown. And that confidence comes though in everything I do. How I appear, how I talk, how I interact, how I present myself. And the interesting thing is that now it seems like my last few bosses have sensed that I just wasn’t going to put up with any of their bullshit.

So here’s what I learned: Sometimes a boss is just irretrievable, and when that happens you may have to leave. But project a strong attitude and people tend to realize that you just won’t tolerate any nonsense.
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