Because I've EARNED It!

Because I've EARNED It!


Hello my lovelies!

The school year ended last week for my two kids and it’s the beginning of a busy summer.

My son (the high schooler) will be in Summer School taking care of some graduation requirements and my daughter (the middle schooler) is in an art class that is conveniently also at the high school. Oh, and there’s also All-Star Softball for my daughter in June and weight training for my son. Later in the summer we’ll be sending them to sleep away camp (hopefully. Or possibly.)

And for me, there’s work. As a lawyer for a multi-billion dollar company, I work. A lot. Lately I’ve been joking to my friends that with work I don’t have time for my life! Well, half-joking anyway.

But wedged in somewhere this summer there will be – sweet freedom! – a family vacation. I am a working mother with a high-pressure career and taking time off can be a challenge. But in summer, a vacation doesn’t seem so unreasonable the way it might be at another time of year. It’s a ritual, even a right. And I am really looking forward to it. What about you?

xo Jane

 PS, I'll be talking more about taking vacations live on Facebook on Thursday at 5:15pm Pacific/8:15pm Eastern. Hope to see you there and hear what YOU have to say!


In Kauai with my mini-me.

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