How does fashion affect your life?

How does fashion affect your life?

Jane gives us insight into how fashion affects us all. The right outfit with the wrong shoes can make or break any outfit. In her latest video blog  she explains how we choose based on how we feel.

"So here's a question: How does fashion affect your every day life? I know that when you get dressed in the morning, you may not be thinking about it; but I find that depending on how I feel that affects what I choose to wear and conversely what I choose to wear will affect how I feel and how I turn up for the day. 

So, for example let's say you're feeling more reserved not as energetic, you may find yourself drawn to darker more muted clothes. Conversely when you are feeling more energetic you may find yourself attracted to more colorful, outgoing types of clothes. You can also affect how you feel in your every day life just based on how you dress.

You can also affect how others feel about you, how they perceive you, how they react to you, just based on how you're dressing; just based on how you turn up for the day. So for example, if I want to feel particularly confident and energized about my life, I'm more likely to want to choose clothes that make me feel smart. There's a reason that the word 'smart' describes not only your intelligence but it can also be used to describe how you look. How you're dressed; 'that is a very smart looking outfit,' one might say. And that in turn will affect how you behave.

So in our everyday lives how we dress can affect—and very often does affect—how we behave and how we are interacting with other people. 

What that tells me, for me, is that I like to dress in a way that makes me feel good; because ultimately it's not about pleasing other people. It's about how am I going to feel about myself, how am I going to behave in my environment, and how am I going to interact in my environment, with other people? And then that reflects back on me and makes me feel better about myself.

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