How to Wear a Peplum Suit. Yes you can wear a peplum suit in a conservative environment. Here’s how…

How to Wear a Peplum Suit. Yes you can wear a peplum suit in a conservative environment. Here’s how…

Hello my lovelies,


This week I want to talk about how to wear a peplum suit. I recently read a post in one of my Facebook groups about a woman who wore a peplum suit to court and the poster wondered whether it was sufficiently conservative. In this particular case, the suit had sparkly buttons among other things. I thought this was a really interesting question that a lot of women wonder about so here are my best guidelines!


No Sparkly Buttons. You can wear a peplum suit, but I can’t recommend sparkly buttons in an office or conservative setting. It just seems a little too “evening” to me. Also potentially cheap, and the goal is to look classic and stylish, not cheap and vulgar. You’re not the Rhinestone Cowgirl. BTW, that goes for any suit, not just a peplum suit.



Not too Much Pep in the Peplum. Think about the scale of the peplum part. If it’s too big and flouncy, probably not a good idea. The suit below is wrong for so many reasons. Sparkly buttons, flouncy peplum, too-short skirt. Hard no.



A Neat Peplum is Perfect! The grey peplum suit below worn by Queen Letizia of Spain is perfect. I would 100% wear this outfit in any professional setting.



This is another example of a professional looking peplum suit. The peplum on this one is very small so it could stand to be even a bit bigger. Not sure if the color would work in a courtroom setting (you’d need to know the court better to know what’s acceptable), but certainly the cut and details of the suit are appropriate.




So that’s it! Personally, I love a peplum suit and have definitely worn them in a professional setting. I think the peplum adds a little bit of stylish detail that keeps you from looking sad-sack boring while still being office appropriate. BTW, the first picture is actually of a vintage suit (the style was very popular in the 1940s), but I think it would still look great today. The dark color and fit are conservative but the tweed and shape keep it from being another boring black suit!


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