I Hate Homeschooling!

I Hate Homeschooling!

Hey there ladies!

This one is mostly for the working moms, but even if you're not a working mom you might find it amusing and feel superior. And if having kids is somewhere in your future, let this be a cautionary tale.

There’s a reason I don’t home school. And this is it. It isn’t enough that I work full time, make sure there’s food in the house, prepare our family’s dinners, manage the kids’ other activities and schedules, and volunteer in our community? Now I have to teach their classes too? No. Just no.

Here’s the thing: it’s hard enough just making sure my kids do their homework, practice piano, and brush their teeth. Every request is met with the same enthusiasm one reserves for a root canal. And trying to keep track of their “distance learning,” or whatever the eff, is just one more thing I now have to nag them about. Which is about as much fun as stepping in dog shit.

And not to mention that I’m still, you know, working?

Yes, I’m grateful that I still have a job, much less one where I can work from home. And yes, I am extraordinarily grateful that my family and I are healthy. But there is no way I can adequately take on my children’s education as well. Which makes me supremely grateful for their teachers.

PS, If you haven’t seen it already, check out this mom’s rant about distance learning for her four kids. It’s hilarious!

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