Just When I Thought I was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

Just When I Thought I was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

Hello my lovelies!

I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Fourth of July! Did you take Friday off? I did! But even though I planned a nice extended weekend (a luxury I seldom have), as luck would have it there was a work fire drill late Friday afternoon that had to be resolved before Monday. Of course.

In many of my previous jobs, and when I was a more junior practitioner, late nights and weekend work were expected. I recall once I was opening up my laptop one Sunday morning to check my email and catch up and my husband remarked, “Do you have to do that? They don’t pay you to do that you know.” To which I responded, “Well, actually, they do.” His point was well taken though, as the constant grind does take a toll on your relationships and on you personally. This is especially the case with two working parents.

So how do you establish boundaries? Well, it’s not easy. I do try to set expectations carefully, so my colleagues and my boss know exactly when they can expect a response on a particular matter. And I remind myself that the work will always be there, no matter how much I do. Most of the time though I just make it up as best I can. And I take comfort in the knowledge that we are ALL struggling with this issue, as best we can.


XO Jane

Working on the weekend. 

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