Must-Have Summer Fashion Trends for the Stylish Businesswoman

Must-Have Summer Fashion Trends for the Stylish Businesswoman

With the sun shining and the weather warming up, you might be feeling a bit more adventurous with your wardrobe. Especially if you live in a colder climate, the spring/summer months present the opportunity to change the clothing you have in rotation. Here are seven trends for this summer. I would also argue that some of these “trends” on this list are summer essentials and closet must-haves!


The first summer 2021 trend has already taken the runways and streets by storm. You’ll find this trend everywhere from athleisure to tailored suits. Monochrome means one color. More specifically, in fashion, it involves matching the same color or similar tones throughout an entire outfit. I’m talking about jackets, shirts, pants, and shoes that match or are a similar color. Monochrome suits can make getting dressed easier because you don’t have to worry about knowing what colors or prints to match. However, make no mistake; just because styling might be easier does not mean it’s any less trendy. Monochrome fashion has been the look of the moment. Think back to the inauguration fashion. Don’t be intimidated by the bold colors; monochrome can be black and white too.

Relaxed Workwear

Relaxed workwear might be the coolest look on this list. This trend isn’t just for celebrities; it’s for the office too. That doesn’t mean you should ditch the cigarette pants or tailor suits, but it’s an opportunity to try something new. If an entire relaxed fit outfit is too disheveled for you, try baggy or wide-legged trousers. Tuck a fitted silk blouse into relaxed-fit trousers with your favorite pair of heels. It’s a very fashion-forward look and offers more comfort for the day ahead. I love this trend because it is flattering on all body types, and there are different options to style the look.

Cape Details

Reimagined capes were all over the recent runways. Look for subtle cape details in tailored clothing. It adds a bit of whimsy and romance to an outfit, and after this past year, that sounds nice. Capes are often considered a winter item, particularly coats. However, this summer, look for cape detailing like sleeves on dresses or shirts. This Badgley Mischka dress is a stunning color for the summer, and the sleeves add a hint of whimsy.

70’s Prints

Psychedelic prints are another summer trend found on all types of clothes, from casual to formal. 70’s prints are fun to play with because you can choose how bold an outfit you want to wear. Maybe you want a printed blouse, with solid trousers and jacket, or maybe you want to make a statement with a printed dress. If you’re feeling bold, try this Tory Burch Nadia Wallpaper Floral Mini Dress.


Stripes are a very versatile trend and one that won’t wind up in the back of your closet by next season. Look for big and bold stripes on dresses, trousers, or blouses this summer. Don’t be scared to invest in a dress or suit that you love and will get plenty of use. If you’re looking to make a statement, colorful stripes are fun and fit the season. Alternatively, navy and white nautical stripes are a tried-and-true classic that can go from office to play. Try this Polo Ralph Lauren striped dress if you’re looking for something practical this summer. Remember, vertical stripes are slimming.

Bright Pink

Pink is in, and the brighter, the better. You can go all the way with a monochrome pink suit or opt for a pop of pink in a shirt, skirt, or shoes. Don’t be scared to match pink and red in your outfit, as it makes for a fun yet sophisticated look. For a more feminine formal look, try this Valentino silk blouse. If power suits are more your speed, this De La Vali linen-blend blazer is a showstopper, and match it with the trousers and vest for a monochrome moment.

Practical Totes

If you’re looking for an excuse to buy another bag, here it is. Totes are in this summer. Totes have been around for a while, and buying into this trend could be more of an investment. For the summer months, switch out the briefcase and try a practical tote. Beis is a newer brand specializing in luggage, but this faux croc tote in cognac is beautiful. If you’re looking to invest in a staple summer tote, try this Tory Burch canvas tote.


It can be challenging to balance professionalism with personality, but clothing is meant to be fun and reflect your personality. What’s great about trends is that you can choose how far you want to take them. Some of us can rock a pop of color at work, while others can go for a full monochrome hot pink suit. What’s important is that you’re comfortable, confident, and authentic. What style are you most excited to try this summer?

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