Natural Fiber Clothing for Work. Is it really better or does it make a difference?

Natural Fiber Clothing for Work. Is it really better or does it make a difference?

Women have many reasons for buying clothes made from polyester or other synthetic fibers. For one thing, you can often just throw them in the washing machine and dryer rather than needing to have them drycleaned. If you have small kids or pets that can be a big consideration.

But I’ll tell you why I favor work clothes made from natural fibers like wool, silk, and linen even though they may require more care. It all comes down to one thing: they are so much more luxurious and that luxury and quality is apparent to anyone who sees you.

Look, when you’re trying to look like you belong in the boardroom, or you’re trying to make partner, the last thing you want to do is show up wearing a cheap suit. And polyester fabrics, even the nicer ones, look cheap.

Clothes made of natural fibers may require more care like drycleaning or ironing, but the quality of the clothes is typically much higher than clothes made of synthetics. They are also often not significantly more expensive than clothes made of synthetics. (I actually find this latter fact incredibly annoying and insulting. How do clothing brands justify charging the same amount for professional clothes made out of plastic as they do for clothes made from natural fabric? Is a polyester blouse really worth the same as a silk one? Umm, no.)

So treat yourself right lovelies. Make the investment in your clothes and yourself and buy natural.

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