The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Look Good on Video Calls

The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Look Good on Video Calls

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I know that since we’ve been working from home it’s been a yoga pants and sweatshirt kind of life. But now that most of the time you only see others on Zoom calls, it’s more important than ever to be professional on camera. This can be a challenge since we are most likely not wearing what we would normally wear to court or to the office. So what do you do?

Wear a Tailored Top or Blouse. My biggest recommendation is to wear a tailored top. The top you wear has a HUGE impact on how you are perceived on camera. No more t-shirts or sweatshirts. Yes they’re comfortable, but when you dress sloppily you feel sloppy and less confident, and when you feel less confident everyone who sees you can tell.


A Tailored Top Means Something that is Somewhat Fitted. But what does wearing a tailored top or shirt mean? It means don’t wear something oversized. As Business Insider puts it, “You are not a rapper from the mid-2000s. Don't wear super baggy clothing.” Your top or blouse doesn’t have to be completely fitted, but it does have to be somewhat fitted. This is important because when you wear something oversized on camera, no one can tell that it’s part of a “look” (if in fact it is). All they see is a shirt or top that looks like it doesn’t fit, and poor fit means sloppy and dubious attention to detail.


Wear something tailored and your self-respect and your career will thank you!

P.S. This is the first tip of six that I have for you to look great on video calls! Go get the rest HERE!


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