We're Going to Have to Let You Go

We're Going to Have to Let You Go

So we’re going on week 5 of working from home, and much of it is super annoying. The unrelenting conference calls, the distractions at home, and everyone looking to mommy to do everything (oh wait, that’s actually mostly the same).

However, it is not lost on me how incredibly fortunate I am. First, I have a job. Second, I have one that I can do from home if necessary. 

During the pandemic, many of us have been laid off or otherwise let go from our jobs as our employers have been forced to cut staff. This is burning through all industries, almost like a second virus, and there is no sign of it stopping any time soon.

While there are many other, and better, places to consult for specific guidance on what to do if you’ve been laid off, I wanted to provide some general encouragement. As someone who has been fired FOUR TIMES, I can tell you there is ALWAYS something else out there. Always.

Yes, it’s no fun to be fired. Those first few days are profoundly terrifying and the weeks that follow are an emotional rollercoaster. But I do think that recovering after being fired makes you a stronger person. Everyone should do it at least once. I’m proud of you! Now go have a cocktail and then get back to it. 

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