What Does it Mean to Wear Pearls? Why I wear pearls and you should too.

What Does it Mean to Wear Pearls? Why I wear pearls and you should too.

Hey there ladies,

Vice President Kamala Harris has been celebrated for wearing pearls, and I’ve been seeing a lot of comments from women who have also started wearing their pearls again. Personally, I love wearing pearls. I always feel so refined and in control, like nothing can get in my way. So, I thought I would take a look at the meaning of pearls and what they say about the women who wear them.

You are smart. Pearls have long been viewed as symbolizing wisdom gained through experience. Best example of this? Kamala Harris of course!

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You are powerful. Pearls are an essential element of a businesswoman’s accessory arsenal. Take a look at Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, who has been identified as one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women.


You are classic AND badass. No one epitomizes this more than the great Lauren Bacall, a woman known for her sassy attitude and refusal to be condescended to as much as anything else.


Pearls are a classic piece of jewelry that women have worn for centuries. They add style, grace, and even a touch of badassery to your outfit. Wear them with pride and show the world you mean business!

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