What to Do When You Get Manterrupted

What to Do When You Get Manterrupted


Hey there ladies!

Being interrupted in a meeting or on a call is so demoralizing, and I know it happens to you. It happens to all of us, even senators. Not only was she interrupted, twice, during hearings on Capitol Hill, Kamala Harris was the only senator to be interrupted and reprimanded during the session.

 Here’s the thing. When someone interrupts you the instinct is to stop talking. So my favorite tactic for dealing with the interruption is not to stop. I just keep talking, only slightly louder using my Voice of Authority. And I keep on talking until the Interruptor finally knuckles under. I just figure, why should I stop when he interrupted me?

 The other thing is I don’t look at the Interruptor. No acknowledgement of the interruption whatsoever. I want him to know that he does not exist for me, or for the room. Instead I make unmistakable eye contact with the people or person I want to hear me. I may even say the name of the person I’m addressing in order to really get his or her attention, and I definitely do this if I’m on a call rather than in a face-to-face meeting.

 Try this approach the next time you’re manterrupted and I guarantee victory!

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