Yaas Queen!

Yaas Queen!


Hello my lovelies!

I recently started getting acrylic nails again, which I love. Sometimes, however, people view longer nails as cheap, or vulgar.

Even my daughter thinks so, or at least she is not a fan. When she was 7 or 8 she once asked me why I got “fake nails.” I said something like I think they look nice and they make me feel pretty. Well she got so angry and said “Mommy! You do NOT need fake nails to be pretty! You are pretty just the way you are.” Awww, so sweet.

And the truth is they are completely impractical. If you get acrylics it’s harder to use your keyboard and they can break off if you’re not careful. And if you get a regular manicure (instead of gel) the polish can smear on your way out the door or chip in a week. So annoying!

But here’s the thing: I like getting my nails done. I like to take some time for pampering, even if it’s only once every couple of weeks or so. And when my nails are done I feel refined and pretty and completely in charge. I stand up taller and I hold my head higher. I am a queen and I am immune to judgment. And so, my lovelies, are you.

XO Jane

PS, I'll be going live on Facebook on Wednesday May 29th (tomorrow) at 7:30am Pacific. Hope to see you then!

Me with manicure.

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