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While working as a lawyer, Jane Israel struggled to find clothes that were office- appropriate but still stylish. Most of what was available was either fast-fashion that lacked the quality she needed, or frumpy and unflattering suits. Passionate about beautiful design, Jane set out to create the kind of up-to- the-minute, functional wardrobe that professional women are looking for and have earned. 

Jane Israel designs instantly communicate power, prestige, and presence due to the fabrics, fit, and overall quality of craftsmanship.

With the rise of women in the business world there has been a growing demand for chic, modern business attire that makes a palpable statement commanding respect. Let’s face it: Women can do that on their own. However, there is an expectation and desire to dress the part. Jane Israel works as hard as you do, giving you one less thing to think about as you put your best foot forward.

This is not about a trend, this is here to stay.

Jane Israel
Compelling + Modern
For women who mean business.